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Be a Part of the Team Making Presentations Fun

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Summary: Prezi makes communication fun, so join their team to continue fostering an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

Communication is a big part of our daily interactions so Prezi is making it their mission to make that interaction better since 2009. Their software allows users to engage with audiences and share stories in new ways beyond traditional slides. They have built up a community of over 40 million users.

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With locations in Budapest and San Francisco, the creativity they build together makes for innovation and a passion that is hard to stop. Prenzi was founded in Budapest, which has become the European hub for technology and innovation. The staff working in the office represents over 35 countries. The benefits from this office include free lunch, gym cards, bike repair service, massage, and more. This office has several positions available including Sales Representative, Interaction Designer, Full Stack Engineer, Mac OS X / iOS Developer, VP of HR in Europe, and Product Marketing Manager.

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The San Francisco office is designed like an open meetup space that is equipped with food, ping pong, and vintage arcade games. There are two openings in this office right now, a Product Marketing Manager and Sales Operation Lead. The San Francisco office offers healthcare coverage, supplemental benefits, 401(k), unlimited vacation time, lots of food, travel to Budapest, parties, and more.

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Prezi allows some flexibility in working remotely. They prefer to hire regular employees instead of contractors and offer a competitive relocation and expat program. There are internship opportunities, some of which are paid.

To apply, create a prezume. There are instructions in a special presentation on how to do this on their website.


Be a Part of the Team Making Presentations Fun by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin