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Deciding on a Career Path

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Summary: Follow these tips to start your search for a career path that fits your needs and interests, while keeping in mind that it is okay to change your mind whenever.

The options for careers are almost endless. With so many different routes that one can take, deciding is difficult. While in college, nearly 75 percent of students will change their degree at least once with 35 percent still not knowing what they want to do after graduating from college.

Ask the Genie: How Do I Choose Between So Many Career Paths?

To start narrowing your options down, create a list of pros and cons for each career path. Keep in mind your essential needs such as flexibility, salary, environment, and opportunities. Factors such as money and job satisfaction will play big parts into what career you should pursue. Asses what your skills at the time and what skills are needed for each option. You may already have hobbies or interests that can lead to a potential career.

How to Choose a Career Path

Start the process of researching your top options. Examine the job descriptions, average salaries, and the estimated job growth. Reach out to someone already in the field to find out if it is something you still want to pursue. If you still have no real idea which way to go, there are numerous quizzes that you can take online to help determine a good path based on your strengths and interests.

How to Find a New Career Path

Volunteering is a great way to dabble around in different careers. Don’t feel like you have to make the perfect choice now. Economist Neil Howe believes on 5 percent will find a good career match for them on their first go-around. Luckily, changing careers has become easier than ever before. Most skills are transferable so pick something that interests you know and know that if the day comes that you need a change, then it is okay to try something else. The average person will change jobs 11 times during their life.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin