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What to Know Before Going to Law School

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Summary: Graduation and employment rates from law schools are making many think twice about a future as a lawyer but with the proper preparation, law school can be a beneficial thing.

Raising law school costs and lower employment rates are making many hesitant to pursue J.D. degrees. Many start law schools without fully understanding what lawyers do or knowing what to expect from law schools. Preparing early will help those interested in law school know what to expect.

Before going to law school:

  • Get an internship or find another way of seeing what lawyers do on a daily basis. Many that attend law school are unaware of what lawyers actually do.
  • Take a law school class while applying to school. This will give you a taste of what law school is like and preparation of what to expect.
  • Match the law schools you wish to attend with your career goals. Someone hoping to work at a big law firm and go onto to big roles. If your career goals are something smaller, a smaller law school may be better suited.

When in law school or just starting:

  • Law school is about teaching you to be a law school student not to practice law. Externships and internships are about learning about practicing law so it is important to take on as many as possible. Keep in mind that law school and practicing law are different so if you hate law school, don’t despair.
  • Building connections is just as important as getting good grades.
  • A J.D. degree is good for other things besides practicing law so if you decide after mostly through your career that you aren’t sure about being a lawyer, consider other careers that want those that think critically, evaluate risks, process information quickly, and write well and concisely.


What to Know Before Going to Law School by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin