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12 Reasons Not to be a Wedding Planner

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Summary: Event coordinators are one of the most stressful jobs for many reasons including the difficult clients, working weekends, and the amount of organization needed to keep details straight.

While working as a wedding planner can be exciting and extremely rewarding, there is a lot of time and effort required that most are not prepared for. To be a good wedding planner, you need to be attending cake and catering tasting appointments, choosing linens and centerpieces, checking venues, and many more events before the big day.

  1. You work evenings and weekends – This is usually time to spend with your own family and friends but instead you will be working. Your work schedule will not be a 9 to 5 consistent job.
  2. The work is physically and mentally exhausting – For the actual wedding day, you will be on your feet for 10-15 hours making sure everything is perfect. You must also be mentally aware of any little detail that may have been overlooked by your team.
  3. The wedding “hangover” – This is that feeling the day after a big event that leaves you thinking you just ran a marathon. Your feet are sore, you are most likely dehydrated and you are completely drained.
  4. The clients – There are just some clients you wish you never worked with. Enough said.
  5. It’s not your wedding – You need to be able to look past your personal preferences and make your clients taste and ideas come true. This can be more difficult than you think when you know your client’s choices are not good.
  6. An emotional connection – Working so closely for months with a client can form a connection. This connection can make it hard not to take it personal when your client isn’t satisfied with the end result or something goes wrong.
  7. Unrealistic patience – An extreme amount of patience, thick skin and determination is required to be a wedding planner.
  8. Not a “people person” – You need to be able to work with clients and vendors of all kinds. Someone that is not social will find it a challenge to be successful.
  9. Ego – Confidence is not the same as ego. An ego will fail while confidence you take you far.
  10. Stress – An event coordinator is listed as one of the most stressful jobs. Remaining cool under pressure and actually thriving will help you along the way to success.
  11. No passion – Trying to work hard in any profession that you are not passionate about will prove to be difficult. You have to love weddings to plan them for a living.
  12. Multitasking and organization – You must be organized and able to multitask. Once you get your company going, you won’t be working with just one client at a time. Chances are you could have 10-20 couples that you are working with.


12 Reasons Not to be a Wedding Planner by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin