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Job Seeker Wonders How to Have a Good Lunch Interview

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Here are some tips for surviving your next lunch interview.

Summary: Learn some important tips for your next lunch interview in this Q & A.


I have a lunch interview coming up and could use some advice on how to handle these situations. I know they are interested in details and social skills, so is there anything else I need to review (e.g. dining etiquette)? I’m most curious on how to go about eating normally but still doing a lot of talking and asking?


Well, be sure to mind your manners. Don’t order alcohol. Don’t order the most expensive food on the menu. When ordering, think about the mess factor. Some pasta dishes, for instance, can be a challenge to eat. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Know which silverware to use with which food. Take cues from the person who is interviewing you—if in doubt, watch how that person does things and copy. Put your napkin in your lap.

Remember that lunch interviews are conversations, like any other interview. You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself. Finish chewing, if asked a question. Take your time, in general. As much as possible, relax.

Job Seeker Wonders How to Have a Good Lunch Interview by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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