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4 Tips to Keep Your Job Hunt Positive

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positive job search

Summary: Your job hunt can quickly turn from an exciting new adventure to a depressing cycle of rejection. Follow these tips to make the experience less negative.

The reasons for being on the hunt for a new job are never preferable but they are often necessary. You put a lot of work into preparing a strong resume and cover letter only to face rejection or to not hear anything at all. In order to keep the hunt positive, follow these tips.

To stay positive during your job hunt:

1. Don’t get hung up on the job

You read a job description, read up on the company and then start day-dreaming of this picture-perfect job that is likely to not become reality, at least not in the way that you imagine. The more attached you get to the job before you even make it to the interview process, the bigger the disappointment will be.

2. Be excited about the unexpected

Keep an open mind because you never know what may come your way that turns into a better opportunity. Your dream job may not turn out to be a good choice and the job you apply to last minute might be the best option for you.

3. Don’t expect gushy emails

When you are applying for a job, you are just another candidate so expecting them to treat you like you are someone special is unrealistic. You will probably have to wait until you are hired and working for the company before any compliments are given.

4. It only takes one

It just takes one response for your job search to end. Don’t be fretting over the fact that you sent out 50 applications and haven’t received an email back yet.


4 Tips to Keep Your Job Hunt Positive by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin