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Learn Why You Should Follow This Career Advice

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Summary: Successful people were given a different set of career advice that everyone should be taking note of if they want to be successful as well.

There is nothing wrong with getting up each day and commuting to work from 9 to 5 each weekday. The only problem is that some people perform at a different level. There are some people that land the executive level jobs early on while most others are still trying to work their way up to those jobs by their 50’s. They are excited to wake up Monday morning to go to work while the rest of us drag ourselves out of bed. Why are they so different from the rest of us? These people were given advice that most don’t receive.

Job requirements are negotiable. When a job description asks for several years of experience but you either have none or very little, find a way to prove that lacking experience does not mean you are not qualified for the job. There will be jobs that have requirements for a reason, such as medicine and law, but other jobs can have their qualifications stretched a little.

Take a lesson from cultures that are generally most successful. The New York Times reported that Asian, East Indian, and some Middle Eastern cultures earn almost double the national average income. These cultures have three similarities – superiority complex, job insecurity, and impulse control.

Realistic is just an illusion. Whatever is realistic for you is based on you have been exposed to. Growing up in a family that always receives a higher education makes it an expectation compared to being from a family that only finishes high school that views higher education as an unobtainable goal.

Don’t choose a career just for the average salary. You are trying to be the best at your career, so averages don’t matter.

Your boss is more important than the company you work for when trying to learn and become as successful as possible at your job. Working for big companies like Google are great, but you will learn more from having a great mentor.

Taking a pay cut in order to receive a rewarding experience is worth it. Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller said, “If you’re early on in your career and they give you a choice between a great mentor or higher pay, take the mentor every time. It’s not even close. And don’t even think about leaving that mentor until your learning curve peaks.”

The skills that got you to your first job won’t get you a promotion. Technical skills are important in the beginning, but eventually your people skills become more important.

Your real learning begins after college. You may think that since you are done with college that you are done with studying, but this is not true. To be successful expect to be reading books, listening to podcasts, attending conferences, and reading research papers.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin