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What to Do When You Don’t Meet the Job Requirements

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job requirements

Summary: Very few applicants will match all the job requirements. Learn what they are doing to prove they still qualify for the position.

There are always going to be jobs that we want to apply to but don’t necessarily meet all the posted requirements. What do we do when this is the case but we know we could do the job properly? There is a good chance that unless you have already done the exact position before that matching many of the job requirements to your skills is guesswork. And haven’t we all heard of circumstances where someone was passed over for a job that had all the requirements for someone that was a “better fit.” Follow these three tips so you know how to address the issue in your cover letter.

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– Study the job description and try to picture what a typical day would require in the position. Do you have the skills that would be needed to perform the daily tasks?

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– Forget the “preferred” or “bonus” requirements. If you meet the required qualifications to perform the job but don’t have the extra skills listed beneath, don’t let that stop you from applying. There is no reason that not having the bonus skills means you won’t get the job.

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– Use the key words “transferable skills” to demonstrate that even though you don’t technically meet the job requirements, you have skills that are relatable for another position.


What to Do When You Don’t Meet the Job Requirements by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin