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Why You Need a Resume

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Why do you need a resume?

One of the first steps in beginning your search for a job is to create a resume. A well written resume can increase your chances of getting a personal interview substantially.

Before I give some tips on resume writing, I would like to stress the importance of having a resume. As little as ten years ago, many individuals were able to get a job after completing a brief application. This has changed. Many organizations require a resume, even for entry level positions.

I’ve held countless conversations with applicants who insist that they don’t need a resume. “Never needed one before, don’t need one now,” they tell me. Even after I explain that things have changed, they refuse to take the time to write a resume. Somewhere along the line it’s likely that these people find jobs – but not the best ones.

Most of us would probably agree with these people on one point; resume writing is quite a task. Because we don’t do this often, we aren’t well practiced in this act of selling ourselves on paper.

In addition, the workplace continues to evolve at an alarming pace, changing what is considered marketable skills along with it. In order to find the best job, we need our resume to reflect the skills that are valued in the workplace. Currently, one such skill area is computer technology.

A decade or two ago, computers were considered great tools to enhance productivity. Today, many organizations are built on or around the capability of computers. Manufacturing environments of the past often used computers for accounting or payroll purposes only. Today, most of these organizations have computers on the manufacturing floor that track everything from incoming raw materials to finished products.

Because computer skills have become crucial in most jobs, they should be highlighted on your resume. Many people create a separate section on their resume, dedicated to their computer experience. Be very specific in this section, listing hardware, operating systems and software used.

Remember to include computer experience that was gained outside of the workplace. For example, you may list software and operating systems that you run on your home computer. Also, if you have used your computer skills on a volunteer basis, give yourself credit for this.

One final tip: if you are boasting computer experience, the appearance of your resume must reflect it. A poorly photocopied resume with a long list of computer skills defeats the purpose.

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