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The 10 Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career

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Summary: The time of year for graduations has come, leading to graduates searching for places to start their career. This list of the best and worst places can help new graduates get started.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, recently determined in their annual list of best and worst places to start your career that employers plan to hire 11 percent more college graduates than last year. In order to take the best advantage of this number, look at this list of the best and worst cities for you to start a career in based on factors such as number of entry-level jobs, cost of living, and median starting salary.

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Texas makes up forty percent of the best places list due to the lower cost of living, which attracts companies to open offices in the lone star state. Here are the best cities starting with the best:

Salt Lake City, UT– Over 10,000 jobs

Denver, CO – Approx. 7,500 jobs

Austin, TX – Around 14,000 jobs

Sioux Falls, SD – Just over 1,500 jobs

Minneapolis, MN – Nearly 10,000 jobs

Raleigh, NC – Just over 7,100 jobs

Oklahoma City, OK – Around 5,200 jobs

Amarillo, TX – Over 1,000 jobs

Houston, TX – Almost 23,000 jobs

Corpus Christi, TX – Over 1,800 jobs

It comes as no surprise that four of the top ten worst cities are in California, in large part because of the high cost of living. The rest of the worst cities are as follows with the worst city being the last one on the list:

Mobile, AL – Around 1,600 jobs

Philadelphia, PA – Nearly 13,000 jobs

Glendale, CA

Modesto, CA

North Las Vegas, NV – Over 400 jobs

Hialeah, FL – Outside of Miami

Akron, OH – Just over 2,100 jobs

Moreno Valley, CA – Around 2,245 jobs

Fresno, CA – Roughly 2,800 jobs

Detroit, MI – Just under 6,000 joba


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin