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Things to Know Before Accepting the Job

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Summary: Before accepting a job, there are a number of details that you should check on to make sure the job is stable and what you want to stick with.

When the offer that you have worked so hard for comes for a new job, you may forget to ask important questions about the little details that can make a big difference. Before starting a new job and the time and effort it takes to train for it, make sure it will be worth it for you and the company. You may discover that the position has a high burnout rate so you will be looking for a new job within a year. Follow these tips to cover your bases when that job offer comes in.

Written details:

– Have a written job description with your responsibilities and deliverables within the first two days of work. These points will come in handy at your first performance review.

Get a written job offer that includes your job title, compensation, and any other key parts of negotiations. If your boss should leave the position or company, having this documentation of the commitments made by the company when they hired you may be very important.

Job history:

– Know why the position is open. If there was a previous person in the job, ask how long they were in the position and why they left. If the position is new, ask how it is being paid for and how big a demand there is for the position.

– This question goes along with the previous point. If the position has been around and the previous person held it for a short amount of time, ask how many people had held the position in the past five years. The reasons for a high turnover may make you rethink accepting the position.

Meet and greet:

– Make sure you meet your boss’s direct reports. Ask them questions about what strengths and weaknesses your boss has and what they might change about them if possible. Take note of how comfortable or uncomfortable the direct reports are with you asking these questions.

Turn to LinkedIn:

– Look at how many people at the company use LinkedIn and any phone numbers they have listed. If several of them have contact information that is easy to get, they may be suggesting that they are looking for a new job. If there aren’t many on LinkedIn, then the employees must be happy with their jobs.

– Find connections between you and your prospective colleagues. Contact your connection to find out what they know about your prospective colleague. Try to dig for details about what it’s like working at the company but remember they may let your prospective colleague know you are asking about them.

Assess the company’s financial standing:

– With public companies you can look for their last 10-K filing with the SEC.

– With private companies you will have to ask about their earning trends and cash position.

– If the company is a start-up, inquire into their business model, their burn rate, and how much cash is on hand.

Check the news:

– Conduct a Google search of the company’s name under the news tab. Knowing what the media is reporting about the company may be very important in deciding if you want to have a future with them.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin