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20 Career Mistakes to Avoid

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Career path mistakes

Summary: The path to finding yourself happily situated in a dream career can be long and extremely hard. Follow our advice to make the journey a little smoother.

The road to your career and along it is filled with mistakes. Take our advice to help minimize the amount of mistakes you make that can ruin your chances for success and happiness. Even though making mistakes helps us learn, no one wants to make lots of mistakes for no reason. Instead of learning the hard way, here is a list of 20 career mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Assuming that you know everything
  2. Not arriving to meetings prepared
  3. Forgetting to network
  4. Being satisfied with doing the minimum amount required
  5. Arriving late to meetings
  6. Ignoring the importance of business cards
  7. Engaging in office drama
  8. Not keeping up with your industry
  9. Over-sharing personal information at work
  10. Burning bridges when leaving a job
  11. Not making a LinkedIn page
  12. Forgetting to proof-read your emails
  13. Dressing unprofessionally
  14. Not learning from mistakes
  15. Not understanding the value in entry-level positions
  16. Being a negative person
  17. Deciding not to seek out a mentor
  18. Not asking for help when you need it
  19. Forgetting to thank people that have helped you
  20. Not standing up for yourself


20 Career Mistakes to Avoid by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin