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7 Questions You Should Ask during an Interview

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Job interview

Summary: We want you to do your best during interviews, so prepare beforehand with these 7 questions to ask when the time comes.

One of the hardest points of the interview is at the end when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. Depending on the interview, you may have just sat there for an hour trying to absorb everything they said while trying to accurately brag about yourself. Go in prepared with a couple questions you want to ask to show them you are genuinely interested in the company and the position. There may be the possibility that the cover some of the questions during the interview so pay attention – nothing looks worse than asking questions they already answered.

1. “What is the overtime policy?” Interviewers want to hear that you are already will to put in the extra work for the company.

2. “Are there promotion/advancement possibilities with this position?” This question is showing that you plan to stay with the company for a while and want to be able to work towards greater responsibilities.

3. “Do you offer any optional skills training that I can participate in to improve my abilities?” Companies want to see that their employees are trying to learn new skills to make them more valuable to the company.

4. “Are there recreational activities or groups within the company?” Forming friendships with coworkers will make you more liked and demonstrates your desire to be active with the company.

5. “What are the long-term goals for the company?” Sometimes during interviews they will start with the company’s goals so don’t ask it if they did that. If the interviewer didn’t already go over their goals then this question is important to ask because it shows you are interested in the company and its progression forward.

6. “What do you like most about working here?” Give the interviewer the opportunity to brag about the company and even themselves a little. You want to prove that you are truly interested in the position and the company.

7. “What makes the company stand out from the competition?” This question lets you learn how the company views itself and where they want to be in relation to their competition, whether they are there or not doesn’t necessarily matter.

Remember, you should never ask questions about when is the earliest you can take time off, if there are drug tests, if internet usage is monitored, and how much you can get away with before being fired.

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7 Questions You Should Ask during an Interview by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin