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Top Mistakes on Thank You Notes

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Summary: Thank you notes after an interview should be a simple way to remind the interviewer of you and the successful interview you just had, but make sure to avoid making stupid mistakes on the note.

For any interview, a thank you note should be an expected part of the process. Such a simple and inexpensive gesture can go a long way to showing your desire for the job and appreciation of being considered for it. However, when a thank you note is done improperly, it will cause more damage than good. Read these mistakes to ensure you are not making them on your thank you notes:

Hey- While a thank you not should be simple, starting with “Hey” is going too far.

Multiple people- Don’t send one note addressed to multiple people and don’t send the exact same note to more than one person that was at your interview. Personalize each individual note with something special that stood out during the interview. You never know when they might compare their notes.

Timeline- Send a thank you email within the first 24 hours so that they immediately make a note to remember you. Waiting even two days later is too long. Send a thank you note in the mail at the same time so that they will receive it a few days after your email note.

Length- Keep thank you notes short and sweet. You are not writing to convince them to hire you; you are simply writing to thank them.

Gifts- Sending a gift like flowers or food is going too far and makes you look desperate.

Wrong name- Get the name right. The easiest way to ensure this is to ask for a business card at the end of the interview but if you forget or don’t get one and you can find their name anywhere, call and ask.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin