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Be Happier at Work with These Tips

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Summary: Finding a sense of happiness in your job will transform many other aspects of your life.

Shockingly, nearly half of Americans are not satisfied with their current job. Even more surprising are the jobs where people report being the most satisfied – clergy, firefighters, and physical therapists. Job satisfaction translates into happiness at home and at work. People that are unhappy with their life are more likely to be unhappy at work as well.

Men and women have different motivating factors. Men value compensation and interest in the work in their level of satisfaction. Women are concerned with flexibility, workload, advancement, and the people they work with.

Millennials value different factors of other generations. Job satisfaction is more important than compensation, with 64 percent saying they would rather work a $40,000 job they loved than a $100,000-a-year job that was boring.

In regard to status at work, nearly 70 percent of bosses report being satisfied, while only 48 percent of their workers are. Being self-employed tends to help people find more satisfaction, with 39 percent saying they are “completely satisfied” compared to only 28 percent of those who work for other people.

A big part of job satisfaction comes from engagement at work. Only 13 percent of employees around the globe say they feel engaged at work. Become more engaged on your own by finding meaning in your work. Being involved in activities that are meaningful will inspire, satisfy, and motivate you. Also look to the future. Your current job may be a stepping stone to the job you are really interested in. Try to grasp lessons from your job now to help you in the future.

During challenges at work, look back at past successes to boost your confidence that you can handle this one. Never give up on yourself. Believing in yourself will show in your work. If you know you will have a hard time at work, do something you enjoy before going. Studies show that people that start a task when they are happy will perform better. This can be something as simple as eating a piece of candy.

To get a sense of happiness from work, give praise and recognition, celebrate success, and help out. Adding plants in office spaces can help make people happier, especially when there is a lack of visibility of green spaces outside. Personalize your workspace with photos and other items that make you happy.

Happy workers are 31 percent more productive than unhappy workers. Keep a work journal of small successes to enhance creativity and happiness. Productivity enhancements can come in the form of nontraditional things such as watching a few clips of cute cat videos on YouTube.

You are responsible for making things better in whatever your circumstances are. Do not rely on your boss or company to make everything happy-go-lucky for you. Do your part to make improvements so that you can find satisfaction in your job. Invite coworkers out to lunch or for drinks after work to form better relationships with them.

An unhappy worker will experience stress which results in health problems. Take a meditation class such as yoga at least once a week. Other forms of exercise can help reduce stress and help you feel happier about your life and career as well.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin