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Do Not Make These Jokes to People Working in Service Jobs

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Summary: People love to make jokes, especially when it comes to speaking with those who work in service jobs. We will discuss some of the most common service jobs jokes in this post.

We understand that when it comes time to make ends meet, many people will work any job they can get their hands on at the time. We also understand that some people enjoy working service and cashier jobs, which are not just for high schoolers or students working their way through college. What we do not understand is why so many customers love to make jokes when interacting with service workers. We will talk about some of the most common service job jokes in this post.

“Hey, you missed a spot.”

One of the most common service job jokes is made to people who are mopping or cleaning a floor. For some reason, people love to say, “Hey, you missed a spot.” Anyone who is cleaning a floor, or even a window, does not want to hear this joke when performing their job. It is just plain annoying and it also degrades the person working the job. The most annoying aspect of this joke is that people say it even when a spot has not been missed. This is totally degrading to the employee and should never be said, even if you think it is funny.

“That was a really good year.”

Working as a cashier at a supermarket or as a teller at a bank can be very interesting. You get to interact with thousands of different people each day and you come away with plenty of stories about customers who are silly, annoying or stupid. On the other side, these service workers can be taken for granted and even treated with rudeness and disrespect. Another stupid joke to say is “That was a really good year” when you pay a bill that turns into a year such as $19.45 or $18.75. Please refrain from making such a joke. The cashier has probably heard it a thousand times and it will be difficult to get a laugh out of anyone with it.

“Thanks a Latte!”

For those of you who work as a barista, or at any place that serves coffee, you have surely heard this joke in the past. You have probably feigned a laugh or two just to make the joker feel good, but this is such a boring joke. Why can’t people come up with anything better than “Thanks a Latte?”

“I guess it’s free!”

This is yet another joke too many people like to tell to a cashier. “I guess it’s free” comes up more often than people might think when an item fails to register at the checkout or does not have a price tag. Can we please move away from this joke? It is really old and we all know that nothing is free in this world.

Do Not Make These Jokes to People Working in Service Jobs by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo