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How to Stand Out in Your Post-College Interview

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Are you nearing the end of your senior year? Emotions can be high, with a mixture of relief, excitement and nerves to contend with, but above all, remember that the next chapter of your life will certainly be an adventure.


You’ve hung up your cap and gown—now what?

If you’ve been lucky enough to land an interview for your dream role, well done! But how on earth do you stand out amongst your competition? Here are some top tips to help you on your way.

Do Your Research – Plan by thoroughly researching the company you’re hoping to land a job at – that’s according to some advice we spotted in a recent Forbes article.


The piece originally went live a couple of years ago, but the advice still rings true today. If you have a few weeks before your interview, set up relevant Google alerts and generally just do as much digging as possible about the brand, its staff and its managing director or founder. You probably won’t think it, but this kind of thing could be the deal-breaker for your employee when he or she eventually decides who to hire. The candidate who’s gone the extra mile to learn everything and anything worth knowing about the company is guaranteed to impress.

Carefully Consider Your Outfit – A professional appearance is key, but think about ways you can stand out. A bold pin badge or a vibrant shirt underneath your skirt or trouser suit might give you the edge and ensure the managing director remembers you long after you step out of the interview room. While there are plenty of things that will give off the right vibe in an interview, there are some outfit choices that simply won’t work either, so be sure to make sure what you’re wearing is appropriate.

Be Polite – Good manners are everything – and remember there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. We understand that you’d like to give off the air that you’re more than capable to do the job, but it’s vital you stay level-headed too. Over-confidence can give the wrong impression entirely, so do be aware of how you’re coming across in your interview. If in doubt, leave it out! What we mean by that is if you believe what you’re saying might come across as arrogant or pretentious, just don’t say it.

Demonstrate Relevant Work Experience – An internship can help when it comes to getting the job you want, so make sure you demonstrate anything that’s relevant when you go in for an interview. Take a good look at the job description and try to work out what experience you have that corresponds with each point or duty. Then, simply spell out to the hiring manager during your interview how you’re more than equipped to take on relevant responsibilities and you should have a good chance of getting the job.

How do you prepare for an interview?

We hope this has given you some ideas for your interview. This has been produced in collaboration with Diploma Frames, the leading provider of certificate frames and recognition gifts in the US.

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