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Successful People Have Passions Outside of Work

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Taylor Swift hobby

Summary: These six successful people have pretty common hobbies but that is what makes being like them possible.

Some of the most successful people in the world have creative hobbies or projects that serve as an outlet to get their minds off work. Studies show that having a balance of work and home helps workers be more productive. Read what these highly successful people do for their passions.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is a busy girl and big multi-tasker. She can be performing a sold out concert one night and then working with billion-dollar executives to invent her latest sell-able item. She is also a big-time crafter. She does needlework, makes mason jar snow globes, and makes fun red, white, and blue desserts.

Warren Buffett

There aren’t many people out there more well-known and successful than this guy. He has been investing since he was 11 years old, go figure. This guy also loves to play music on his ukulele. There is even a duet of him with Bon Jovi.

Meryl Streep

Meryl is one of the most successful actresses today. She has 19 Academy Award nominations. Did you know she loves to knit? Rumor has it that she knit the shawl she wore for her role in Doubt. She told BBC Radio 4 “I spent all of my time knitting on set. I taught Amy Adams to knit.”

George W. Bush

Besides being a former President of the United States of America, Bush is an avid oil painter. He has painted cats, dogs, world leaders, and Jay Leno.

Satya Nadella

The CEO of Microsoft is a demanding job, so this guy needs something classical to read like poetry. He helped develop the cloud infrastructure but this techie has other passions too. He includes inspirational quotes in his emails, such as one from Rainer Maria Rilke “The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.”

Marissa Mayer

The CEO of Yahoo is most recognized for changing corporate culture by updating the company’s maternity leave policy and encouraging other female executives. She also loves to bake. She has been known to create spreadsheets for the ingredients in cupcakes and studying recipes in order to make the perfect ingredient.


Successful People Have Passions Outside of Work by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin