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How to Survive Going Back to Work after Vacation

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work after vacation

Summary: Transitioning back into work mode after a fun weekend can be difficult but with a few simple tricks, you will be ready to work.

The time for summer vacations are upon us. Taking that week long relaxing vacation is always a much needed escape from our daily routine. The hardest part is always coming home and having to go back to work. Even if you don’t travel to across time zones, it is hard not to feel drained. The trouble can be that your work doesn’t care, you are expected to back to fully functioning mode once you walk in that door. Here are seven tips to help you get back the energy to do your daily tasks.

  1. Make a plan

Create a list of things that must get done that first day back using your go-to method of either an app, old fashioned paper, calendar tasks, or whatever else helps you keep track of your tasks. This will help you know where to start when you have no focus.

  1. Listen to music

Music helps create a positive environment so when you need a little pick-me-up, listen to your favorite motivational songs. When you are getting to relaxed and drowsy, turn up the beats to power you through the day.

  1. Eat like a local

Look for a restaurant that serves food like what you had on your vacation to help you reminisce over the yummy food that spend the last week gobbling down. If you can’t find a restaurant that matches these criteria, plan on getting some exotic for lunch and/or dinner.

  1. Bring in some food from your trip

What better than to distract everyone else at work to take away from how distracted you are by bringing some treats in to share. No one will be mad that work isn’t getting done if they get to eat something yummy.

  1. Talk about your vacation

Use this opportunity to chat up your co-workers about their future vacation plans or dream vacations. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, especially when it involves vacations.

  1. Take a longer lunch

Sitting all day at the office is hard that first day back. Go out to lunch and invite some co-workers to go along or just bring a book so that you feel like you are back on vacation. If it is sunny, sit someplace outside so you can squint while trying to read your book.

  1. Plan something fun for after work

Plan a little get-together with friends or co-workers for after work so that have something non-work related to look forward to.


How to Survive Going Back to Work after Vacation by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin