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How to Land an International Job

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Summary: Find out how you can land a job in international consulting or trade in this article.


Question: I have a degree in economics, once held a financial position in Sydney, Australia, and am currently working for a financial institution in California. My dream is to get back into the international work world, preferably in international trade or consulting. How can I make my dream a reality?

Answer: You can approach an international job search from a couple of different angles—hooking up with a U.S. company that has international offices or targeting a specific country or region and finding international companies based there that interest you. The greatest likelihood of attracting interest is to build on your current financial experience. A switch to consulting or trade, unless directly tied to your experience, could be a bit of a stretch because you’d be making a career change at the same time you’re attempting to go international. Don’t overlook your existing network. Current and past business associates, vendors and customers are all potential sources of useful ideas and leads. In addition to networking, work with recruiters who specialize in filling positions for international companies.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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