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Still without a Job Offer? It’s Time to Get Real

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Summary: Do you still not have an offer? Follow this advice about how to turn around your bad luck on the job hunt.


Question: I graduated from law school and have not been successful in the job hunt. I’ve used the few contacts I have, bombarded employers with emailed resumes and also used a resume service to send out several hundred resumes. Is it a good idea to use a headhunter, and what else can I do?

Answer: Time for the “get real” phase of the job-search journey. Get real personal. Get real strategic. Get real current.

Get real personal. In the sophisticated and competitive market that you’re in, mass appeals and bombarding emails are unlikely to capture attention. You’re on the right path with contacts, although you’ll need to move beyond the limited number you mentioned. Relationship building is an ongoing exercise; you’re never really done. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to know people to contact them. Don’t ask for a job; ask for information that might lead you to your next job (i.e. ideas, suggestions, a critique of your resume, the name of their favorite recruiters). You should also sign up for to make sure you are kept aware of legal jobs at all times.

Get real focused. Clearly articulate your skills, your desired roles, and your preferred work environment. Answering questions first about yourself will allow you to more quickly and easily locate employers of interest, research their needs and make a case for your assets and potential contributions. To round out your approach, do add headhunters that focus on your legal specialty. Word-of-mouth and personal referrals are always your best bet for locating recruiters. Flawless materials and a polished presentation of yourself in interviews with recruiters and employers will help to seal the deal.

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Get real current. Engagement in your field is a requirement for your ongoing personal and professional growth. Regardless of employment status, keep your development on track and stay up-to-date on trends in the legal profession to continue to build skills. Volunteer work using your legal skills, reading and self-study and active involvement in a professional association will boost your morale and speak volumes when you are networking and interviewing.

Still without a Job Offer? It's Time to Get Real by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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