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Effective Networking Earns Overseas Offers

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Summary: Find out how to network in order to land an international finance job.


Question: I recently graduated from college in Ireland and am researching financial positions in New York City. What can I do to make my search successful?

Answer: You’ve targeted the location. The next step is to target specific types of positions and organizations. This won’t preclude you from remaining open to a variety of options within the financial industry, but it will allow you to conduct a focused, proactive search.

For example, are you interested in working as a credit counselor, accountant, financial planner, banker or auditor? Are you targeting top Wall Street firms, or are you open to smaller, less prestigious enterprises? Answering these questions will allow you to research selectively and present a stronger, more directed case for yourself.

The internet is a great source of background information. and individual company websites can help you get the scoop on organizations that interest you. Move from static information to live contacts as soon as possible to improve your chances of landing a position. Although you’re in Ireland, get a live network going in New York. Consider relatives, friends, acquaintances from your hometown, graduates of your college and Irish clubs and associations—anyone you can connect with who is living in New York.

Immigrating to work in the U.S. often is fraught with frustration. The visa process is complicated. In addition, the cost of living is high and it’s not always easy to secure a position. The good news is that the U.S. Congress passed a bill a while ago that expands the immigration quota for those who possess information-technology skills that are in high demand. Again, your connections in the target location are likely to be your best source of assistance.

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