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Want to Relocate after Graduation? Here’s How You Can

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Summary: If you are thinking about relocating after college it is possible. Learn how you can do this successfully in this article.


Question: I am a paralegal student who is planning to relocate from the East Coast to California after graduation. What would be the best approach to make contacts that would make the move easier?

Answer: While California beckons, start your job search right there on the East Coast. You can cut down dramatically on the length of your search by getting your ducks in order before setting out.

Conduct research on the Internet by gathering data on the cities you are targeting and identifying companies of interest. California is a big state, so you are better off deciding on the two or three cities/regions with the greatest appeal. To narrow your preferences, consult

Begin networking with people in your current location and gather referrals to people within your targeted cities and organizations. You will be pleased with how open people are to talking about past lives in previous locations if they have lived elsewhere or know people in your desired spots. If at all possible, a well-planned visit before the move will afford you an up-close look and the opportunity to meet face to face with folks. Before hitting the road, create a well-developed list of potential contacts based on referrals and names you have identified from your research.

Call or e-mail people directly (no “Dear Sirs”) about your upcoming visit, your intended relocation and your desire to meet with them to learn more about the city and/or their organization. Be sure to highlight your mutual connections and your excitement about relocation. The referrals you obtain from the meetings on your visit will build momentum and help turn your California dreamin’ into a reality.

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Want to Relocate after Graduation? Here's How You Can by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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