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Two Strategies to Get a Job in an Unrelated Field

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Summary: Find out how you can get a job in an industry that you don’t have any experience in.


Question: I am a sophomore in college and have no work experience other than working in a supermarket. But, I do have some computer experience. How can I make a resume for a business finance position?

Answer: Combine two strategies to strengthen your position. The most immediate approach is to create a resume that highlights your business finance coursework and your transferable skills from the supermarket experience. It’s a bit of a stretch, but anything connected to the work you’re targeting should go on your resume. Start with an objective that states “finance position using skills in…” and refer to the related skills you possess. It’s unlikely that your resume will open a door on its own, so plan to network to discuss your value face-to-face with potential employers. A couple of strong recommendations on your behalf will enhance your chances of gaining an audience, as well.

The second strategy, which is likely to pay off in the long run, is to get some business experience as soon as possible. You may have to be creative. Line up an internship or consider volunteering in the finance office of a nonprofit organization. I speak from experience. The finance office of Career Development Services (my employer) has helped to launch the careers of a number of business graduates.

Two Strategies to Get a Job in an Unrelated Field by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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