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Is a Double Major Worth the Extra Effort?

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Summary: Should you get a second major? Find out if it is worth it in this article.

Question: I’m a second-semester junior in business administration, majoring in hospitality management. I’m thinking of adding a second major in accounting, yet I’m not sure it’s worth the time and money. What do you think about this combination of double major?

Answer: The decision to pursue a second major depends on your goals. The double major you’re considering would be an asset for securing an entry-level accounting position within the hospitality industry or for pursuing a backup career goal in accounting.

If you’ve taken classes in accounting and are sure that’s a direction you’d like to pursue, by all means, a double major makes a lot of sense and will be a necessary requirement for you to excel in that field. Accounting is a marketable specialty, but be sure that’s what you really want to do as you can expect to continue your schooling to advance in your career.

If hospitality is your focus, then you might consider an accounting minor or concentration, which would allow you to specialize to a lesser degree. This may help to get a foot in the door, without requiring the added time and expense of an additional major.

Is a Double Major Worth the Extra Effort? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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