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Aspiring Marketing Pros Must Be Open to Change

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Summary: Follow this advice about what career advancement in the marketing world looks like.


Question: I’m a business-marketing major in my senior year. What’s the usual career path from entry level to the top for a marketing manager?

Answer: A career path in marketing might unfold something like this:

  • Marketing assistant: responsible for individual assignments on test markets and promotional assignments.
  • Assistant brand manager: responsible for product development, media, and budget planning and usually involves direct contact with an advertising agency and sales.
  • Brand manager: oversees a brand and manages a team.
  • Group product manager: responsible for several brands and management teams.
  • Division marketing manager: responsible for the marketing efforts of one division of a firm.
  • Executive or vice-president level: overall responsibility for marketing: big title, big bucks, and big window.

Please note that I said this is how a marketing career path “might unfold.” This is because most careers don’t follow the neat linear progression I outlined. You may find that you experience a series of lateral moves, do freelance work, specialize in market research, or work for a flattened organization with only two levels of marketing positions. Although you may envision a ladder, prepare to be flexible and remain open to various moves within the field.

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