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Should You Leave a New Job for a Dream Job?

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Summary: This article addresses whether it is okay to leave a job offer that you just accepted for your dream job.


Question: If I accept a job offer well in advance of graduation, but later I’m offered my dream job, should I accept my dream job, or should I keep my word and join the company whose offer I accepted first?

Answer: It sounds like we’re talking hypothetically here, so it’s difficult to anticipate and fully explore all of the issues. Here are a few guidelines to consider.

It’s ultimately between you and your conscience.

Accept an offer and make a commitment only if your intention is to actually take the position and show up for work as agreed.

Recognize, as employers do, that even with the best of intentions, unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise resulting in a change of plans.

For example, your dream job shows up and you decide to gracefully bow out of your first offer rather than having the company invest time and training into your being miserable and possibly leaving in a few months anyway. Or, maybe your first company is unexpectedly acquired by another, and they have to regretfully inform you that there’s no longer a position for you. In either case, the intent should be to live up to the commitment. If that’s not possible, it’s wise to handle the situation with tact and professionalism.

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