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Should You Use a Staffing Agency for Your Job Search? Top 3 Questions and Answers about Working With a Staffing Agency

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Should you use a staffing agency for your job search?

Summary: Are you unsure whether you should use a staffing agency in your job search? Here are the top 3 questions about working with a staffing agency answered.

Every Sunday you look in the classifieds and see all the staffing agencies listing various jobs. You’ve been job hunting and have wondered about working with a staffing agency. However, you have no idea what to expect. Will you have to pay a fee? Do you simply complete an application or do you need to send in a resume? Who is the staffing agency really working for – you or the client company? Listed below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What types of jobs are available?

Many people who enter the doors at a staffing agency have never worked with a staffing agency before and have many pre-conceived notions. Many people associate a staffing agency with temporary and part-time jobs, and while *** does fill those types of positions, those aren’t the only types of positions available. Within our three staffing divisions, we offer industrial and clerical temp positions, permanent administrative positions, and permanent and project-based professional and technical positions. In other words, there are jobs to meet your needs – whether they are a short-term project or a full-fledged career opportunity.

What will it cost me?

When you apply with most staffing agencies you won’t pay any fees. The staffing agency’s clients are the hiring organizations themselves, that is, the hiring companies pay staffing companies to help them find the right job candidates. For most permanent and project-based administrative and professional positions, the company pays the staffing agency to place job ads, filter resumes, and interview first-round candidates. The staffing company then forwards the candidate field to the client organization, who usually conducts the second and final interviews and ultimately makes the hiring decision. The industrial and temporary positions are processed differently. Again the client company pays, not the applicant, but the staffing agency does the interviewing and hiring and becomes the legal employer even though the employee typically works onsite at the client organization.

What can I expect when I walk in the door?

Just like any other job, you will need to complete the necessary paperwork, whether it is an application, the I9 Forms that prove you can legally work in the US, or a skills checklist. Next, during your interview we’ll ask you questions about your previous work history etc. However, unlike a regular interview, you can be a little more open about your career goals or job requirements. Since we work for many companies, we may have other opportunities that better match your needs, but we don’t know what your needs or goals are unless you tell us. Finally, when you are choosing a staffing agency to work with, do some homework. Some staffing agencies require you to sign a contract stating you will only work with them and not another agency. These contracts can limit your job search for up to a year. In addition, if you are applying for temporary or industrial positions where the staffing firm is the legal employer, be sure to ask about their payroll and benefits practices. Some staffing firms are headquartered out-of-state, making it more challenging to resolve payroll and benefits issues.

In short, a staffing agency can be a helpful partner in your job search process. While it shouldn’t be the only piece of your job hunt, it is a great way to broaden your job search and increase your exposure to additional opportunities.

Should You Use a Staffing Agency for Your Job Search? Top 3 Questions and Answers about Working With a Staffing Agency by
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