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How You Can Make a Smooth Transition into the Job Market after Graduating

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Summary: Want to transition smoothly into the job market after college graduation? Find out how you can in this article.


Question: I am a senior who will be graduating in a few months. I have work experience and an excellent grade-point average, but I don’t know when to apply for jobs. Most openings I find seek people who can start immediately. What should I do when the earliest I can start is in a few months?

Answer: Start applying right now. In the context of the hiring process, three months is just around the corner. While you don’t want to mislead employers, the recruiting, screening, interviewing, and selection of candidates can sometimes take months before an offer is extended and accepted.

If you should be offered a position before your availability in July, explain your situation while reinforcing your interest and potential contributions to the employer. You might also commit to the orientation process immediately. If your schedule permits, offer to devote one day a week to training for the new position. Unless there is a dire need for your immediate on-site presence, with a little finesse, you should be able to bridge from college to full-time employment.

How You Can Make a Smooth Transition into the Job Market after Graduating by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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