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Dominate Your Elevator Pitch

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elevator pitch

Summary: Delivering an effective elevator pitch so that you can continue developing a relationship with a person takes careful practice and effort.

You never know when meeting the right person at the right time can catapult your career or ideas to the next level. The purpose of an elevator pitch is to develop an introduction with someone that can be worked on to develop a beneficial relationship in the future. To make the most of this chance encounter, follow these tips:

Be ready – LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams said, “You never know when an opportunity will pop up, which is why it’s essential to have an elevator pitch at your disposal.” Not being prepared will never help you reach your career goals.

Slide into it – If you are already acquainted with the person, remind them of how. If you have never met the person but you know who they are, mention something you have in common such as a person, career field, or interests.

Focus on the future – An elevator pitch is not a time to brag about all your many accomplishments or your life story. Your elevator pitch is an opportunity to discuss something you are currently working or hope to do in the near future.

Brevity is a plus – Giving your elevator pitch should take about 45 seconds or so – the amount of time an elevator ride takes. Time yourself in front of a mirror, video camera or both so that you can watch how you give the pitch. There may be something in the pitch that doesn’t make sense, you may be talking too quickly, or your body language is off. Take note of any problems so that you can remember to work on them each time you practice.

Be approachable – Keeping your body language open by making eye contact, not crossing your arms, and standing close but not too close to be invading their personal bubble will make them want to hear what you are saying instead of thinking they just want to get away from you.

Ask questions – The greatest success always comes from making the conversation about them. After delivering your pitch, turn the topic to them by asking them questions about their own work.

Exchange contact information – Do not assume that your elevator pitch will seal the deal. You have introduced yourself but it will continue to take work through more communication to see anything come of your pitch.


Dominate Your Elevator Pitch by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin