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50 Ways to Stand Out during the Job Interview Process

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Summary: Make your job interview stand out so the interviewer will remember yours above all of the other candidates.

The interview process is filled with numerous opportunities to stand out and be memorable. There are countless others applying for the same position. Any way you can make your application and qualifications stand out will be a win.


  1. Update your LinkedIn profile
  2. Clean up your social media pages
  3. Have an online portfolio
  4. Obtain industry-related certifications
  5. Address the hiring manager in the cover letter
  6. Tailor your application for the position
  7. Make your resume clean and organized
  8. Include links to your online portfolio and social pages in the resume
  9. Save your resume as a PDF
  10. Include references

Phone Interview

  1. Take the call someplace quiet and free of distractions
  2. Bring reference materials like the job posting and description, resume, etc.
  3. Answer the phone politely and professionally with your name
  4. Have a friendly, upbeat voice
  5. Just in case, have your voicemail message be professional
  6. Speak slowly with a pause before your turn to speak
  7. Thank the interviewer for their time
  8. End the conversation in a professional way
  9. Send a thank you email
  10. Re-emphasize your interest in the job
  11. Keep the note brief
  12. Use a professional email signature

In-Person Interview

  1. Dress professionally
  2. Wear an outfit that is comfortable
  3. Keep hair and makeup simple
  4. Bring copies of your resume and cover letter
  5. Print the copies on high-quality paper
  6. Arrive about 10-15 minutes early
  7. Be especially kind to everyone you encounter in the building
  8. Silence or turn off your cell phone
  9. Stand up when the interviewer enters the room
  10. Shake their hand with a firm hold
  11. Practice social etiquette
  12. Keep your interaction friendly but with an appropriate distance
  13. Use research on the company to start the conversation
  14. Maintain eye contact
  15. Smile
  16. Have a strong and confident posture
  17. Ask genuine and thoughtful questions
  18. Tie your experience to the job description and requirements
  19. Don’t be afraid to brag
  20. Make your points clear
  21. Thank the interviewer for their time
  22. Ask for feedback
  23. Listen to the comments carefully
  24. Wish them a good day
  25. Ask for a business card
  26. Send a handwritten thank you note
  27. Personalize your note to each interviewer
  28. Emphasize your skills and qualifications for the job

What do you do to prepare for an interview? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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50 Ways to Stand Out during the Job Interview Process by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin