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Eastern European Gypsies feel the hit in the economy

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Once a profitable trade, Eastern European Gypsies are seeing devastation of the popular and lucrative scrap metal trade. Known as zizin among the Gypsies of Eastern Europe, it’s the way many Gypsies made their living. It is how they paid for food and shelter.

Over the past few years, millions of people from all over the world, including the Gypsies of Eastern Europe, made good money from the tinkers’ trade. The prices of metals soared and a huge hunger for metal in the construction industries of India and China gave away to the rise in prices.

Now it seems as though the scrap metal resource has been tapped. It has become more difficult to find as of late and there any many scrap metal theifs in Eastern Europe and over the world. In fact, an entire bridge in Ukraine, and one of the very first Soviet locomotives, were completely stolen.

In Hungary, thieves stole hundreds of steel girders prepare for the Freedom Bridge in Budapest.

Copper wire, which is especially valuable, has also become a big target for thieves. In Prague, in one day alone, sixty three trains were interrupted when engineers realized that there was a length missing between two main city stations.,

Regulations on scrap metal yards have become stricter. To sell scrap metal, one must provide record of their identity and full details of their loads. However, it might not have been so necessary as the prices for scrap metal have dropped by 90% in some places.

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Eastern European Gypsies feel the hit in the economy by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes