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Top Five Reasons Talented Employees Quit

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Summary: While one may think that being a qualified employee would make them stay loyal to their company in order to advance, there are many factors that can make it easier to find a new job.

Here are the top five reasons that the most talented employees will leave a job.

  1. Their boss is a jerk. A bad boss can ruin relationships and especially ruin a company. Unfortunately, there are a lot of really bad bosses out there that are miserable, nasty, and/or aggressive. Thirty-one percent of employees surveyed reported that a supervisor gave them the “silent treatment” within the past year.
  2. Lack of empowerment. The perfect job would give employees more responsibility at work, as 31 percent of those asked stated. Employees get tired to showing up to the same job and performing the same mind-numbing tasks every day. They need to feel that they influence decisions, make choices, solve problems, and have an impact.
  3. Internal politics. Some companies are filled with complex office politics that no one wants to be forced to navigate in order to advance. Often the most qualified candidates find that it is easier to find a new job to gain advancement instead of navigating the internal web. This is evident by the fact that only 35 percent report that their company is good or effective at managing advancement.
  4. Recognition. We all think we work way to hard and don’t receive enough compensation for our work. Simple gestures like a free lunch, “job well done” certificate, or even a verbal acknowledgement can go a long way to help employees feel appreciated and motivated to work harder.
  5. Company is failing. When a ship is sinking, no one wants to be the last one off. The same goes for a company that is going belly-up. When the rumors start circulating that the company is suffering money issues or other problems, the best talent will quickly jump ship when there is less competition instead of waiting until everyone is searching for a job.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin