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Obama Stimulus Plan To Increase Road Construction, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Jobs

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construction-jobs1 With more than 11 million Americans out of work, President Obama is pressing Congress for urgent action and said the U.S. is undergoing “a devastating economic crisis that will become more difficult to contain with time.”

“What we can’t do is drag this out when we just saw over a half-million jobs lost. If you can show me that something is going to work, I welcome it,” President Obama said.

A squadron of Obama officials came to the Capitol to brief the House Democrats on the measure, and they again heard criticism for some of Obama’s proposed tax cuts, particularly a $3,000 credit for job creation. Lawmakers pressed for more infrastructure spending and tax credits to promote renewable energy and said that more needs to be done to address the housing crisis.

Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calf., said about 20 percent of the bill would provide aid to the cash-strapped states, with 40 percent, or $300 billion for tax cuts for individuals and businesses. The remaining 40 percent would go to spending programs that generate immediate new jobs such as road construction and infrastructure related projects, help for the unemployed and renewable energy projects.

“Spend more on infrastructure. That was a recommendation made in the caucus”, Rep. Pomeroy said. Financial Services Committee Chairperson Barney Frank, D-Mass., said money will be added to have state and local governments buy up foreclosed homes.

Several states such as Colorado, Oregon, Florida, California and New York await the passing of a stimulus package for road construction and infrastructure projects currently on the shelf due to the economic budget crisis.

Colorado lawmakers for example, hope to get their hands on over $500 million from the stimulus package that Congress is considering. Officials from the Colorado State Department of Transportation (CDOT) met with state lawmakers Tuesday to say the state is in line to receive $422 million for road construction and $100 million for transit projects.

CDOT officials are coming up with a list of projects that would qualify, so that they can get construction started right away if the money is approved, generating thousands of new immediate jobs.

Congress has stated that in order to qualify for stimulus money, two things need to happen. The money must be spent quickly, and there must be proof that the money would help create immediate jobs. So, projects that have their studies and advance work complete would quickly benefit job seekers.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes