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Top Ten $100,000 Careers

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1. Surgeons
These people earn a lot more than you thought and all because they do not have to face tough competition. There is always a vacuous demand in the market for reliable good surgeons. Another thing that has added to their fat pay cheque is the fact that surgery has now become a technology aided phenomena. Whereas earlier the work depended solely on the skilled hands of a surgeon, at present most surgery is done by robots. And it is the surgeons who control these robots. Thus it is for their technical knowledge and their specialization in robot facilitated surgeries that they get to earn a whopping $200,000 on an average.

2. Anesthesiologists
Physicians specializing in anesthesiology too earn a healthy amount. After all they are the key to any good surgery. If you want a painless operation, you always tend to book the best anesthetist in the city. No wonder they earn as much as $195,000 on an average.

3. Orthodontist
The job profile of orthodontist sound pretty similar to that of dentists. However, they have a much higher pay scale. They offer treatment for improper teeth alignment and for any defects in the jawline. On an average they earn around $193,000.

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologists
These doctors, who specialize in women health care especially during natal and post natal stages, earn a lump sum amount. Their average annual income believe it or not is $192,000.

5. Physicians
They are not doctors but they sure do have an in depth knowledge about medicines. They tend to be great scholars and on an average their annual income is around $165,000.

6. CEOs
Chief Executive Officers are responsible for practically running an entire company. They generally need to have good analytical skills and a commendable stock of knowledge about all the different aspect of the company. Their annual income on an average ranges between $150,000- 160,000.

7. Dentists
They earn around $155,000 annually and occupy a respectable and envious position in the upper echelon of the society.

8. Psychiatrists
With life becoming more and more stress inducing, there has occurred a dearth of good trustworthy and efficient psychiatrists in the market. No wonder the remaining few are enjoying a lot with their income of $154,000 per annum.

9. Pediatricians
With a significant percentage of population in the age group of what we call children, there is a steady rise in the demand for good Pediatricians. Thus they earn around $153,300 annually.

10. Engineering Managers
These are the set of people credited with giving the society few of the architectural wonders of modern day life and they are rewarded well for their set of marvelously engineered designs. On an average they earn around $120,000 in a year.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes