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How to Get Blacklisted from a Job Opportunity

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Summary: If you are having trouble securing an offer of employment, you might be doing things that employers view as inappropriate or annoying, which we discuss in this post.

As you search for a new job, whether unemployed or currently working for another company, you need to make sure that you are not doing anything wrong in your search. There are people out there who do inappropriate things when searching for a job and these things can get them blacklisted from various job opportunities or by companies. If you can avoid the mistakes outlined in this post, you should never be blacklisted from a job opportunity or by a company during your job search.

Hiding Important Information about your Career

Whether or not you feel certain information about your career is important, it should still be disclosed to the interviewer. This can include being laid off from a recent job due to job cuts, being fired from a recent job or even being disciplined at a recent job. All of this is very important information that should be discussed with an interviewer when you are asked about recent employment. Make sure that you do not speak ill about your previous employer or current one because this will cause the interviewer to get a bad impression of you right from the start. The more honest you are, the better off you will be during an interview.

Failing to Ask Questions During an Interview

Job seekers are told beginning in college that they need to ask questions when on a job interview. The more questions the candidate asks, the more prepared he or she looks to the interviewer. If you just sit there in the chair, listening to the interviewer and offering nothing to the conversation aside from your prepared answers, then you will be blacklisted from a job opportunity.

Applying Multiple Times for the Same Job

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to possibly blacklisting yourself from a job is to apply multiple times for the same job at the same company. Do not send your resume multiple times to the same company for the same position. This will only be viewed as spam by the company and can lead to your resume being thrown in the trash, no matter how impressive it is.

Acting Overly Confident or Even Arrogant

If you are looking to get blacklisted from a job, then make it a point to be arrogant during a job interview. There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. The more arrogant you are during a job interview, the more likely it is that the interviewer will end the session quicker than planned or will not call you for a second interview.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo