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Could Advertising Fund The Next Mission To Mars?

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22145555imfq2d3wAccording to a Rhawn Joseph, scientist with the Brain Research Laboratory in California, the next space shuttle mission could be almost completely funded by advertising.

“With clever makerting and advertising and the subsequent increase in public interest,” said Joseph. “Between $30 billion to $90 billion can be reaised through corporate sponsorships, and an additional $1 billion a year through individual sponsorships.”

The cost of an actual space mission would be close to $150 billion.

Potential ad revenue would come from various sources. One of which would be similar to NASCAR’s methods: slapping a Budweiser logo on the side of a space shuttle.

Greyhound, the bus line, told Fox News they “would consider the idea if it were mutually beneficial when the time comes – but for now, it’s simply too early to say.”

In addition to branding the spaceship with company logos, television ads from a telecast of a space launch could bring in around $30 billion.

Could Advertising Fund The Next Mission To Mars? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes