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YuMe Receives Investment from Samsung

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The YuMe Incorporation has made a major announcement that Samsung Ventures has invested a total of $12 million dollars with their incorporation. This investment made from Samsung Ventures to YuMe Incorporation is to help YuMe grow and excel with its new developments.

Within the past year, many advertisers and marketers are working on ways that will allow them to target audiences in different ways. They are using different forms of technology to target these ideal audiences for advertisements which can ultimately help companies and business grow and expand. Advertisements are being displayed on Internet websites, cellular phones, and televisions.

The Smart TV, which is a new type of television that brings the Internet and Television together as one, is just one of the ways that advertisers plant to display ads to reach target audiences. Studies show that by the beginning of 2012, most homes in the United States will have at least one Smart TV which is why advertisers are looking to take over this form of technology with their advertisements.

The Principal for Samsung Ventures, Stephen Lee, has said, “We invest in companies that are leaders in fast-growing markets, and YuMe is a clear leader in connected TV monetization.” Lee believes YuMe is a great company to invest in and says,”YuMe’s video advertising technology and three-screen expertise has the potential to accelerate the industry’s efforts to incorporate monetization strategies into all connected devices, including Samsung Smart TVs.”

The Co-Founder at Translink Capital, Jay Eum, has given his opinion and says, “After evaluating various video and smart TV ad solutions in the market, we have determined YuMe to be a clear leader in connected TV and validated Samsung’s interest in the company.” He speaks highly of the YuMe corporation when he says, “We are convinced that YuMe has built the best technology in the industry through its ACE Relevance Engine. This investment will help facilitate the development of new technology at YuMe and the company’s expansion into new markets.”

The plan that YuMe has for these connected TVs is to provide ad services for the television which will ultimately help audiences to connect and engage with advertisements. When consumers connects with a specific advertisement that has been targeted to reach them specifically, they may feel more inclined to purchase or try the product. This gives businesses and companies the opportunity to earn more money while also helping consumers understand what the product actually is and does in a better light. This form of advertisement has had great results.

The Samsung Venture Investment Corporation works on all things that have to do with investment for the Samsung company which is why they are the corporation that has invested in the YuMe Incorporation.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes