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Summary of Employment in Utah

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A summary report for employment in Utah has been released which provides residents with an idea of how the employment rate is going in the area.

Job opportunities with salaries have increased by more than 2 percent which is a dramatic increase when compared to the percentage of jobs with salaries that were available in 2010. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for Utah is at about 7.0 percent. The unemployment rate for October 2011 in Utah, just one month ago, was at 7.4 percent which proves that there has been an increase in employment. This can be attributed to employment for seasonal jobs. Many companies are hiring seasonal employees to help with work during the holiday season, especially because companies are often bombarded with orders from consumers.

The exact number of people in Utah who are unemployed is at about 93,900. While the unemployment rate in Utah has decreased from 7.4 percent to 7.0 percent, the number of unemployed individuals in the United States is still at 9 percent and has not changed within the past few months.

Utah is just one of a few states in the United States that is experience growth of employment. Because Utah is having such a good time at creating jobs and helping unemployed people find the work that they have been seeking, many other states across America are being optimistic. If one state can show progress, people believe that other states can do the same. Many states are hoping to follow the lead of Utah with growth in employment especially after the recession and bad economy.

The economy in Utah, which once suffered along with all of the other states in America, is finally improving. In 2009, it seems as though the economy took a turn for the worse and all states suffered. This meant that many companies went out of business and tons of people were left unemployed without a job. However, within recent months, plenty of progress has been made and the growth for payroll jobs has increased by 2.6 percent.

Plenty of different job fields in Utah are adding available positions for people who are seeking employment. Manufacturing jobs seem to be hot right now and many new manufacturing positions are being made available. The only field that has not currently added available positions is government employment. But, that is expected to change within the next few months.

Overall, the employment rate is very satisfying for the people of Utah who will now have a better shot at finding the employment they need. The transportation field has added over 5,000 jobs for unemployed individuals along with leisure and hospitality adding over 5,000 jobs for those who are unemployed. It is expected that the unemployment rate will continue to decrease as more jobs are being created.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes