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How to Find Companies That Look for Productive Workers

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Summary: Learn how a productivity-focused person can find a company that rewards them for their achievements.


Question: I’m an older executive with a solid record in sales, marketing, and general management. In my last job, I earned close to $100,000, but salary isn’t as important to me now as being compensated for my achievements. Are there organizations looking for people who can offer five or six years of outstanding productivity? I don’t want to waste my time or that of recruiters if age is a problem. How can I narrow my search to companies that are looking for results?

Answer: There’s never been a better time for experienced executives to offer their skills in the job market. The number of fast-growing small companies eager to tap into your expertise is very high, especially since you’re more interested in pay for performance than a hefty compensation package. Depending on the company’s size, an equity stake may also be appropriate. Don’t view your age as a barrier, but see it as a badge of honor that younger small-business owners will value. Fledgling business-owners frequently complain that they can’t find older, experienced candidates willing to work within their pay structure. As far as identifying a likely employer, follow the same steps as every other job hunter: network heavily, respond to likely position listings online and in print, and contact executive-search firms that specialize in your industry, function and/or the company size you’ve targeted. I don’t mean to sound Pollyannish, but as an experienced manager who’s fairly priced with sales/marketing expertise, your only problem will be deciding between job offers.

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