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When Low Paying Jobs Are Worth It

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low paying jobs

Summary: We are all looking to be paid nicely, but just because a job doesn’t pay much does not mean it isn’t worthwhile or may provide other opportunities within time.

You have finally found the perfect job, or maybe it isn’t perfect but it is a job after months of unemployment. The big catch – the pay is horrible. While we all need money to pay the bills, rejecting the job may be a bad choice. Consider these questions before moving on to find another job.

  1. What experience will you gain?

When you lack overall experience or experience in something specific that the position can offer, the job is worth it. You have to have experience in order to get the bigger positions. If you are already highly qualified for the position and will not gain anything specific to put on your resume for future jobs, it is probably best to keep looking.

  1. Are you passionate about the company’s vision?

Weigh working at a job you hate for a lot of money versus working a job you love for little money. When you absolutely love the job, low pay may be worth it. For those that have a bigger love of money, then taking a low paying job is not a good choice. Forbes contributor Amy Rees Anderson points out “When we are passionate about something we have more energy, we work much harder, we get more creative…we are the happiest when we are pursuing our passions in life.”

  1. Can the position lead to better opportunities?

Check to see before you accept the job offer if there are opportunities to grow. If most of the people that start off in this position get promoted to better paying jobs then you can sacrifice a little bit of time for the money. If there are very limited opportunities to move up in the company, then it is a risk to take the job for long. If you are desperate for a job, it doesn’t hurt to accept it and keep looking for a better job that has a higher salary.


When Low Paying Jobs Are Worth It by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin