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5 Super Jobs That Make the Christmas Season Magical

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For many people, the Christmas season is truly the most wonderful time of the year. From all of the twinkling lights and the sparkling of the tinsel, to exchanging gifts and spending time with your loved ones, it is very easy to get caught up in the magic.

But, the magic of the Christmas season does not just happen on its own. Many hours of labor and hard work go in to making the spirit of the season. Which worker are contributing the most and how much do they earn? has created a full list of five jobs that make Christmas magical, and what they get paid.

1. Baker/Pastry Chef – $11.30 an hour.

From Swiss-German stollen and Italian Panettone, baked goods play a very big role in the joy of the holidays. Cookies for Santa? Of course!

Bakers wake up extra early in the morning to prepare the pastries, breads, cookies and cakes for busy partygoers and kids. Bakers are also responsible for creating new delicacies, mastering classic recipes, as well as handling a tight production schedule, each and everyday.

2. Dancer – $15.50 per hour.

When you are thinking of the holiday dance performances, the Nutcracker Ballet and the Rocketeers’ Radio City Christmas Spectacular may come to your mind. But, from the big city parades to small-town theater productions, there are more opportunities to catch a dance performance during this wonderful holiday season. Dancers work long hours, but for dedicated performers like Marissa Quimby of Seattle, Washington, it is all worth it in the end. ”Dancing can be a very difficult job sometimes. The act of being generous and giving something meaningful to your audience can be the saving grace,” said Quimby.

3. Santa Claus – $12.00 per hour.

Santa Claus is one of the most recognized symbol of the Christmas season. He brings joy to children and plenty of hope that they will get everything on their Christmas list. The actors who play Santa must remain in character at all times, and also be patient with upset or shy children and their demanding parents. In addition, Santa must be well trained on how to deal with difficult requests, making sure never to promise something to a child that cannot be delivered.

4. Package Delivery Drive – $14.00 per hour.

Whether the gift comes from the local toy shop, or the North Pole, chances are it has been handled a few times by package delivery drivers need to be able to lift, load and unload heavy objects. The drivers must have a clean driving record.

5. Toy Store Manager – $18.00 per hour.

As Santa can tell you, most children ask for toys when they are perched on his lab. A toy store manager makes it possible for the children to receive exactly what they asked for.

”Its always nice to be able to help someone, whether its staying open later for someone to finish up their shopping or to help someone get that hard to find toy,” said Brandon Mambelli, who is a former toy store manager in Portland, ME.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes