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Best and Worst States for Teachers to Teach

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Summary: Teachers have a tough time trying to match their salary with the demands of the job. Here are some of the best and worst states for teachers to teach in.

October 5th is International World Teachers Day. Educators are some of the most important people in our lives. They are responsible for teaching our children but receive some of the most critical feedback and worst salaries. Their salaries often do not keep up with inflation rates, leaving many to burn out quickly and pursue higher pay.

WalletHub looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia and compared them on 13 areas. Here is a highlight of the results.

The overall best state to be a teacher in is Massachusetts. The state ranked number three for academic and work environment and number nine to job opportunity and competition. The other top four states are Virginia, Minnesota, Wyoming, and New Jersey.

The worst overall place to work was West Virginia. The state took the bottom for job opportunity and competition and 39th for academic and work environment. The other four worst states are Oregon, Mississippi, Arizona, and North Carolina.

The five states for the highest annual salaries adjusted to the cost of living are Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Massachusetts. The five states with the lowest salaries are West Virginia, Maine, Arizona, South Dakota, and Hawaii.

The five states with the lowest pupil-to-teacher ratio are Vermont, North Dakota, Kansas, Maine, and New Jersey. The states with the highest are Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, and California.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin