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Don’t Forget to Give Back with Volunteer Work

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Summary: Volunteering really can’t get any easier, as many organizations do all the work for you to be involved besides showing up. Take the time to find one that works for how you wish to help.

Volunteering is a great way to give back when you lack the financial ability or prefer to be hands-on in providing help to others. There are endless opportunities so all you need to do is look.

Choosing the best volunteer option for you:

  • Consider the time commitment you are able and willing to give to an organization.
  • Disaster relief- an option for those with a flexible schedule and an enjoyment from adrenaline. The American Red Cross has over 90,000 disaster workers, 93 percent of which are volunteers. Other organizations include the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, and Catholic Charities USA.
  • The older generations enjoy volunteering in places that their experience can be of value such as Experience Corps, Senior Corps, and Create the Good.
  • For a full-time volunteer position consider the Peace Corps international posts and the AmeriCorps.
  • Take a volunteer vacation with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program, Globe Aware, Global Volunteers, and Charity Guide.
  • Use your online time to serve with United Nations Volunteers with their programs such as RESPECT University or other organizations like the HandsOn Network.
  • Volunteer on your own with community associations or by creating your own where you see a need.

  • Connect with organizations that are you interested in
  • Local and virtual opportunities
  • Popular causes include animals, environment, children and youth, education and literacy, and homeless and housing.

Pro Bono Opportunities:

  • Legal volunteers can help with a program, case, issue, client, and by location
  • General opportunities with local and state bar associations, legal aid and service providers, the American Bar Association, and the ABA’s Volunteer Legal Project.
  • Specific client populations with the ABA’s Immigrant Child Advocacy Network, Disaster Legal Aid, Military Pro Bono Project, programs that serve children, and domestic violence programs.
  • International opportunities through the International Legal Resource Center or the ABA’s International Activities and Programs.
  • Retired and inactive ABA members that give at least 500 hours of pro bono service during the previous year can have their ABA membership dues waived.

Global Health Volunteer Program:

  • Ability to travel around the world to their sites in Costa Rica, India, Peru, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Uganda, El Salvador, and the Philippines through the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children.
  • Offers flexibility, variety of programs, involvement in long-term projects, no language requirements, and experience for future professional endeavors.

Habitat for Humanity:

  • Founded in 1976 and has grown to 1,400 local affiliates and 70 organizations around the world.
  • Has helped 6.8 million improve their living conditions
  • Build simple, affordable homes for low-income families

Feed the Hungry:

  • 1 million Americans deal with food insecurity
  • Organize a food drive or hunger event to help put food on the tables of these Americans

Hold a Food Drive:

  • Get organized
  • Communicate clearly
  • Provide an incentive

Run Donation Drives:

  • Get started by determining the type of drive you want to hold – neighborhood clothing drive, school or office clothing drive
  • Promote the donation drive at least one week in advance
  • Establish donation collection and drop-off sites
  • Recognize those that have helped and remind them how their donations will help


Don’t Forget to Give Back with Volunteer Work by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin