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Some Leave & Some Stay with Manufacturing Jobs in Nevada

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It’s no secret that the economy is really suffering. So any good news is great news regarding job growth and such. Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing forms of employment in Nevada at the moment. By 2012 it’s supposed to be one of the biggest forms of employment in Nevada. It has been a wishy-washy situation for manufacturing. The area of employment has seen an increase and then a decrease at several points in the past year. Some companies have folded up and moved away and others have parked their businesses right in the heart of Nevada, according to Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

Other studies show that the manufacturing business is at an all-time low. It’s at one of the lowest points since the mid-199s. But as research shows, it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States. So although it’s low now, the State Department of Employment is hoping it increases as soon as possible and into the New Year. Thankfully, new jobs are still being created. Almost 1000 jobs have been created in the 2010-2011 fiscal year. No one thinks that the growth is going to slow down any time soon either.

Companies are actually looking in Nevada for a place to park their manufacturing businesses. It’s a great location and it seems to be bringing in a ton of business. Many people are frustrated with what is going on in the rest of the world in regards to manufacturing. “They’re totally frustrated with what is going on over there,” he says. “We tell them, ‘You can grow here.’” states a spokesman from Nevada. This is also a great place to find diversity in the workplace. There have been several companies that just decide to up and move to Nevada because the growth is so promising.

There are several examples in which companies have brought their suffering manufacturing plants to Nevada and they have flourished greatly. Greg Fisher, vice president of B&J says “the company expects that the complicated, months-long project will allow it to capture powder-coating work that’s previously been shipped out of northern Nevada to California facilities.”

Although some companies are only adding a few jobs here and there, they all add up and contribute to the economy. Modest numbers still add up and help Nevada increase in jobs. Nevada likes the increase and no one seems to be complaining. Ross Hansen states “There is not the manufacturing infrastructure in place,” Hansen says. “We have to do a lot of training.”

Depending on the company and what it has to offer, it seems to be a great place to encourage people to come for jobs. Job growth is important in this economy and manufacturing is growing like crazy. You do not have to tell some companies to pack up and move their businesses, because they are already on it.

Some Leave & Some Stay with Manufacturing Jobs in Nevada by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes