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Agencies Help the Blind Find Employment

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Employment for blind individuals is being urge by various organizations and agencies in the New York area that are hoping to remove these job barriers and help those who are blind find the employment they are seeking. There are many blind people who are looking for work but because of their particular sight-seeing problem, they are often turned down by potential employers. Studies show that there are many blind people who seek employment and would like contribute to the economy.

There are many agencies as well as groups that are helping blind people to get the employment they need. In fact, these agencies in New York have managed to find employment for more than 900 workers and nearly half of those workers are visually impaired. It is true, however, that job opportunities available for the blind are limited and are often hard to find as eyesight is something that is needed for many types of jobs.

Statistic shows that two out of three visually impaired people do not work but some of those visually impaired people would like to work if they were given the chance. These organizations are affiliated with the Industries for the Blind of New York State which helps to eliminate those employment barriers that are set up for visually impaired individuals along with other disabled individuals in the state of New York. They would like to help disabled people find employment that they are seeking without them having to deal with such barriers that can make finding employment such a difficult task.

Richard Healey, the president of this group, has said, “The UB Regional Institute report proves what our affiliates and workers have known for years.” He also says, “Blind and visually impaired workers are productive members of our community. They can be efficient, conscientious and exceptional employees.”

Healey speaks passionately on blind and visually impaired people who are in need of employment and would work if they were given the chance. He says that while they are productive members of the community, the chance and opportunities that they receive for work is often very scarce. Healey says, “The missing ingredient is the opportunity.” He concluded by saying, “We are dedicated to creating those opportunities across the state.”

Those who are blind and visually impaired as well as those who are disabled in the state of New York sincerely appreciate the groups and organizations that are fighting for them in a way that enables them to be treated fairly and find job opportunities that will work well for them even though they are not able to see. While there are not millions of job opportunities out there for the visually impaired, these jobs do exist.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes