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Summer Program for Jobless Youth

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The mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, is working on a project that would create a number of summer jobs, which would greatly benefit the city and its youth. He will make an announcement about the employment program, which will take place during the summer, within the next few days. Many believed that if plenty of summer job programs were available for the youth that live in the city, they would stay out of trouble and would not get involved in anything illegal.

A 21 year old man was recently shot outside of a local store at the beginning of the month. It is believed that he was involved in some illegal services and that was likely the reason he was shot and killed. Adrian Williams, the person who runs Village Project, says that the kid simply wanted a job but since he could not find one, he went on to other things that were not exactly safe or legal. The village project works on providing programs for children and youth. Williams says that there are plenty of kids who would love to work if they were given the chance. Unfortunately, there are not enough opportunities available for them and then they end up hanging out around the neighborhood and on the corners, getting into serious trouble.

And, this is why Lee is creating a summer jobs program for the city’s youth, believing it will be an initiative that would add about 5,000 jobs and internships for younger people, those who are between the ages of 14 and 24. Low-income families with children and youth between these ages could benefit greatly from the opportunity. Lee wants these children in the city to realize that they can control what happens in their lives. And, in order to do that, there needs to be opportunities that are made available.

Lee says that the program is just one way that the area is responding to Obama and the challenge that he setup, for businesses all around the United States to add on available jobs for low-income individuals so that they can make a living and get off of the streets. The city of San Francisco hires over 2,000 youth each year but Lee is hoping to increase the hiring so that more youth in the city will have a chance to find employment and earn an income from that. There are several companies that are adding on available spots so that the city’s youth will have positions to apply for.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes