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No Ban for Gay Discrimination

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The current President, Barack Obama, is not planning to issue an order on the ban of gay discrimination when it comes to employment. At least, he is not planning to make the ban within the next few months or during this year. The ban would support gays and lesbians, making it illegal for companies to discriminate against them due to their sexuality and their personal sexual preferences. This was definitely disappointing news for many homosexual individuals and especially for the gay-rights activists who have worked so hard for this ban. These activists were desperately hoping that Obama would take action on this major issue, especially since this is an election year and he needs to work on getting votes if he plans on remaining president for another four year term.

The senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, let the gay-rights activists know about this just the other day, stating that Obama’s decision was, in fact, confirmed, and meaning that a ban for this problem would not take place anytime soon. If the order would have went through, federal contractors would not have been allowed to hire people or fire people based on their sexual preference or how they represent themselves, whether they are transgender or not. Many supporters say that they are not giving up hope.

In fact, many gay-rights activists believe that the election is what is preventing Obama from passing on this requirement. It is believed that because the election is approaching, it could be bad for Obama to set up my rules and requirements on different businesses, as they would be more likely to not vote for him if he did so. Republican candidates are constantly critiquing President Obama already, saying that all of the rules and requirements that he has set up for the businesses in the United States is truly destroying jobs. So, at a point in time when he is already being criticized, perhaps he and his officials are simply afraid of making such a move right before the election.

One lawyer who has spent many years working on this issue, Robert Raben, says that he was disappointed but that he is satisfied with Barack Obama and all that he has done for the country so far. He is also understanding of the reasons why the order was not put into place, especially a time like this. Raben says that Obama and his administration are very supportive of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community in general and for that, he is already appreciative.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes