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Employees Working and Working Out

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There are a number of people in the United States that happen to be dealing with a serious disease, commonly referred to as the sitting disease. Basically, this disease means that you do a whole lot sitting and much less moving around. This often happens when people are stuck working at a desk in the office, meaning they have no choice but to sit at their desk throughout the day. Unfortunately, these desk jobs can often lead to obesity which can then result in a number of health and medical related conditions, including stroke, diabetes, even hear attacks. This also leads to an increasing amount of costs when it comes to healthcare.

Because of this, a lot of companies are looking for way to cut the costs and also help the employees to stay mobile, even while on the job. One example of this would be Mona Jordan, who currently works within the human resources department for Broward County. Jordan was basically stuck at her desk for a large portion of the day but was eventually inspired to join a program that her job offered, known as Humana. Jordan said that someone else sent her an e-mail about the program and how they had been able to lose a significant amount of weight. Humana installed a treadmill into her office so now she does not have to just sit at her desk and do her work. Instead, she can walk on the treadmill and still get work done. Jordan is happy that she has the opportunity to do this, saying that it is great because she gets to exercise and get her work done all at the same time.

The wellness program not only provides employee with equipment, it also teaches them the importance of dieting and exercise, which is the best way for employees to get healthy and lose weight. There is even a points system when employees eat foods that are good for them instead of eating junk food.

It is a good think that certain work places have already started putting a focus on the importance of good health, especially since studies show that people who sit down for a large portion of the day are more than 50% likely to suffer from a heart attack than someone who is mobile more often. Jordan says that it is important to know how to improve your health and that it is possible, even with a desk job, to become healthier than you were before. You do not have to quit your job, especially if it is something you enjoy, you simply need to figure out ways to incorporate fitness and exercise with your daily work routine and it is always possible to do so.

Employees Working and Working Out by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes