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What’s Lacking in the Work Place

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Summary: Employees are no longer engaged in their work, leading to a lack of motivation to be productive, long-term employees.

Motivation at work comes from salary and necessity but it also comes from recognition, growth, and a fun work environment. Employees like to feel happy, engaged and productive in their job. Surveys find that 71 percent of employees are not engaged in their job role or company. The key to creating a positive work environment lies in motivation not found in cash compensation or other tangible rewards.

In this survey done by Badgeville and the research firm Make Their Day, the 1,200 workers polled showed a greater desire for verbal recognition for their work instead of just a dollar value reward or gift. This recognition can come from managers or fellow peers as long as it is praising their work as an individual and not a team.

Fun work environments were ranked by 90 percent as the highest factor for motivation over job title, cash equivalents, and gifts. Part of a fun workplace is the quality of employees. When an employee enjoys who they work with, they enjoy their work more.

At any given time, one in five employees is actively looking for a new job. Only one in ten workers look forward to going to work each day. Providing opportunities for growth will help your workforce want to stay with your company for a longer amount of time. Growth is a more motivating factor than a pay increase.

How can you make your company a fun place? Make it a game by giving instant recognition for things such as faster completion of projects, training compliance, quality support responses, shorter sales cycles, more viral marketing hits, converting an opportunity, saving on corporate travel, and process improvements. You can also visibly track achievements, leaderboards, challenges and competitions. Create progress missions that encourage collaboration and expertise.

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What’s Lacking in the Work Place by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin